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Christmas Holiday Joy


Christmas Holiday Joy

  • Christmas Holiday Joy' is my GIFT of Hope, Healing, Joy and Love which describes our family Christmas traditions in a World that challenges everyone. The Christmas Holiday Season is a time when families and Friends come together to share the Joy of Christmas, and the healing power of the miracle of the Birth of our Lord Jesus. We all need to experience the love of our neighbor, the love of our friends and family and most of all, Self Love. It is a wonderful feeling to love and to feel loved, to be cherished, to remember those we have loved, lost and miss during the Holidays. 'Christmas Holiday Joy' brings that warm soothing feeling to enjoy the present, to be grateful for the past, to experience the power of hope to look forward to the future as we come to the end of the year.
    May the love, joy and hope in 'Christmas Holiday Joy' and the healing power of the Miracle of Christmas fill our hearts with cheer and reign in our homes now and forever.

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