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Silvia Sama-Lambiv

Award Winning Children's Author of Amazon #1 Hot New Release and #2 Bestseller I Am Jesus: Who is Jesus to you?, Amazon #1 Hot New Release: La joie des vacancies de Noël. Author of Christmas Holiday Joy, Black Beauty Brains and Bravado, Color Me American and Christmas Holiday Joy Coloring Experience.

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Dean Vargo

‘I Am Jesus: Who is Jesus to you?’ is an excellent book for parents to read with their children to trach them about the life and teachings of Jesus.

The narrative is wonderfully done; and the illustrations are second-to-none! Silvia Sama-Lambiv’s style is understandable and engaging for young kids. I think the author should keep the format going and do a series about other Bible characters!

10 out of 5 stars! I recommend for parents, grandparents, and Sunday school teachers of kids kindergarten through second grade!

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